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Sustainable Christmas Tips: 4 Ways to Have an Ethical Christmas

Christmas decoration

It’s that time of year - you have a lot to think about presents, food, family, and a million other things. But it’s good to slow down from the Christmas rush and think about how we can do good and feel good this Christmas.

Here are our top 4 tips for a more sustainable Christmas:

1. Shop small businesses

Not only is it vital to support small businesses, especially after covid! You can also benefit the environment by choosing small businesses for your gifts! Small businesses are more likely to produce in limited runs, or by hand. This eliminates the kind of waste and pollution that is guaranteed when buying mass produce. They’re also more likely to use local materials which eliminate pollution from transportation.

Aside from the environmental benefits, you’re also likely to find something unique and special that you can’t find anywhere else! So instead of handing your hard-earned money over to big corporations this Christmas, why not support someone’s vision?

Some small businesses to support this Christmas:

  • Check out the items of artist Marieke Jacobs. The collection consists of leather bags and accessories. Minimalistic and clean designs with elegant color combinations.

  • Store Petit Depot is a mix of design, vintage and handmade. They have a great selection of homewares, accessories, and even baby clothes.

  • Everything jewelry designer Lisa Stollé sells is 100% handmade by her own two hands. Next to her regular collections, She’s always working on one-of-a-kind pieces and commissioned work as well.

  • Cake is our own lifestyle brand - we create a range of unique homewares and accessories that celebrate culture and individuality.

2. Buy thoughtfully

Think about who you’re buying for and what they might use and love. Better to buy one really meaningful gift than 10 things that will end up gathering dust in a cupboard and eventually in a landfill! Thinking deeper into your gift purchases will help eliminate waste and ultimately make Christmas a little bit more magical!

3. Use recyclable wrapping

This is something that’s been a big topic of conversation in the past few years. It doesn’t have to be brown paper (though it’s a super chic rustic look!), just as long as it’s recyclable.

How do I know if it’s recyclable?

It should state it on the label, but generally speaking, anything that crumples easily will be recyclable. Anything with glitter definitely won’t be!

dried fruit eco friendly DIY Christmas ornaments

4. Get crafty

There’s no reason that having an environmentally friendly Christmas can’t be fun too!

Here are some fun things to try this Christmas to help reduce, reuse, and recycle!

  • Use natural Christmas decorations - take a walk out in nature and see what you can find - you can use fir cones, twigs, holly, and berries to create table decorations and wreaths to decorate your home. A great alternative to buying mass-produced decorations!

  • Reuse last year’s paper goods - why not keep last year’s cards or wrapping paper and reuse them to make gift tags and decorations? Paper chains, tree decorations, wreaths. There are lots you can do - so crank up the Christmas tunes and have some fun!

  • Try something new - Ever tried pottery or painting? Why not give it a go? Especially if you have crafting materials lying around - it’s a great opportunity to home-make some decorations or even a gift for someone you love!

And why not make it a group activity? Invite your friends and family around to help and make some magical, sustainable Christmas memories!

beaded earrings mirror plant and lunch bag

Cake is a lifestyle brand offering unique homewares and accessories that celebrate culture and individuality. Founder Laurine Brugman designs products that withstand trends and fads - creating timeless pieces that you’ll treasure forever.

We’re passionate about preserving traditional crafts and passing on a little bit of love with our hand-made items. All of our items are produced in limited runs to eliminate waste and ensure quality.


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