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“I get inspired everywhere and always, and that can be a blessing and sometimes a curse.
I tend to get distracted by beautiful color combinations or inspiring forms, so then it’s hard to focus on the daily trivial things.

I always had an eye for detail and noticed objects that would stand out.

I still remember all the interiors of old classmates I used to play with, even though I've only been there once.


That life itself is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me also means that producing and designing never stops.“

Meet the maker

CAKE is a lifestyle brand offering interior and fashion accessories for people with outspoken taste who value high-quality materials and bespoke approach to decorating.

The brand was founded a few years ago by Dutch product designer Laurine Brugman and spawned by her need for unique, high-quality interior accessories.

Since then, it has grown into an internationally recognised brand with offices in the Netherlands and Denmark.

The brand offers out-of-the-ordinary, mostly hand-made lifestyle products, which range from decorative posters to modern ceramics and fashion accessories.

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