“I get inspired everywhere and always, and that is a curse and a blessing. In daily life I can sometimes listen better with my eyes closed, so that I do not see beautiful color combinations or inspiring forms that distract me from the conversation. I remember exactly the earrings my teacher wore when she tried to explain me a sum at primary school, but I forgot her explanation. I still remember all the interiors of old classmates I used to play with, even though I've only been there once. That life itself is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me also means that producing and designing never stops.“

Meet the maker

Laurine Brugman is a Dutch product designer living partially in Holland, partially in Denmark. She founded CAKE a few years ago from the need for unique, high-quality interior accessories for people with a distinct and original taste. Since then it has grown into an international brand for unique, often handmade products. CAKE is festive and layered and consists of several slices. 

Just like the sweet treat, CAKE makes you want an extra piece, and handmade tastes even better. This CAKE is not pre-packaged, but made with care, love, dedication and inspiration. An eye for detail and a sense of composition are important when it comes to finding a balance in the design.

When Laurine expanded with CAKE to a second workplace in Denmark, she looked for the light button with the flashlight on her phone. "I shone on my hands and saw exciting shadows appear on the wall. That's how I came up with the idea to make a poster with shadow animals". 

The image of the shadow animals is a nice counterpart to the abundance of digital entertainment available to children today. It appeals to the imagination if your hands allow things to arise and an exciting story is told. That way the fantasy is stimulated again, and that is the most beautiful thing there is.

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