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How to Maintain a Stylish Home with Small Kids

When you become a parent, everything changes - from your lifestyle to your home.

Your timetable is now bursting at the seams and your house is at the mercy of grabbing hands and toy tornados. Of course, you want your home to be a safe space for your children, the place where they feel most comfortable. But it’s important that you feel at home too! What if we told you that it is possible to maintain a stylish home with small kids?

Read on for our kid-friendly home decor ideas.

Safety first! A big part of making your home kid-friendly is safety. You don’t want to be constantly worrying about where your child goes in the house - this will not only keep your kids safe but also make your life easier! The golden rules:

  • Breakables - not only do you want your precious breakable items intact, you also want to avoid broken pieces and sharp edges! Keep breakables stored away in cupboards and drawers, preferably high up so they can’t be reached. Consider transparent cupboard doors if you want to keep your items on display!

  • Secure cables & wires - electricity is a big no-no! Wires can be fixed to walls or organized in a casing so they’re not accessible. This also helps keep a neat and tidy home!

  • Sharp edges - when buying new home decor and furniture, it’s worth considering sharp corners and edges. Try smooth, rounded designs instead!

  • Move it up - display decorations high up so they can’t be reached! Children can easily pull things down on themselves or break things if they’re reachable.

  • Fix it to the wall - if it’s attached to the wall, it’s much harder to break or pull down. It’s also vital to fix cabinets to walls so they can’t be pulled over. Luckily, there are some great brands out there to help parents maintain a stylish home while putting safety first. Flexa is a great children’s brand that guarantees safety. For more than 45 years, Flexa has made unique furniture and interiors for children, and Flexa has stores worldwide!

Minimalism is your best friend

Now, this might sound completely impossible - having a child practically doubles the number of things in your house! But keeping a minimalist household not only ensures a sleek, chic look, it also minimizes clutter, makes cleaning easy, and keeps your home safe for your children. Our best tips:

  • Storage! The biggest secret to maintaining a minimal, relaxing home, is to put things behind cupboard doors. Opt for cupboards with doors and drawers over shelves or open storage units. Check out storage systems by Brooklyn-based brand Casa Kids for some sleek but kid-friendly styles.

  • Declutter regularly - when buying something new, think about what you can get rid of to make space for your new item. Rehoming items can be joyful when it helps to maintain a stylish home and might even help out someone in need! Introducing these concepts to your kids early on will make your life easier in the long run too!

3 examples of sturdy kid-friendly house plants

Kid-friendly home decor - dedicate a space

Instead of having toys spread all over the house, think about a space you can give to your child. Maybe there’s space beside the couch in your living room for a play house, or a nook somewhere that can be dedicated to your child. Use this as a space for storing toys, creativity, and playing. That way, you can maintain the rest of your home as you like. It can also be a great opportunity to introduce responsibility to your child - they can help to keep their space clean and tidy!

Plants that can take a beating!

Small kids seem drawn to grabbing and tasting houseplants. Some houseplants are totally safe, but it's important to know which plants are safe for kids, and also which plants can endure the curiosity of your children!

Fill your house with strong plants like the Rubber Plant, Jade Plant, Succulent Plant, and the African Spear plant. A lower light level, dry soil, and a lack of nutrients will not harm these bad boys! Succulents are often vulnerable because they are small, so they can easily fall victim to kids and pets. Our advice is to secure the plant by putting it in a deep glass pot or jar.

Honoring your tribe

Honor your family by giving it a beautiful place in the home with our Tribe wall hangings. When making the first prototype, we couldn’t have imagined how much it means to be able to give people custom representations of their ‘Tribe’. Or how popular it would become!

bamboo wall hangings on walls and windows

Tribes in the homes of our customers


CAKE products including bamboo Tribe, Acrylic Tribe & Brass Tribe

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Founder Laurine Brugman designs products that withstand trends and fads - creating timeless pieces that you’ll treasure forever.

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