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Creating Connections: How Emotional Awareness Shapes a Designer’s Work

In a recent conversation with product designer Laurine Brugman, we delved deep into the values and motivations that shape her creative process. This interview offers a unique glimpse into the mind of a designer who seamlessly blends personal experience with professional creativity.

Core Values and Personal Connections

The designer begins by emphasizing the importance of exploring and creating, noting that these core values flourish when she feels grounded, accepted, and loved. 'Being close to my loved ones and having a secure base of friends and like-minded people is crucial,' she explains. This sense of connection is not about shared opinions but about feeling understood and accepted, which creates a safe environment that nurtures her intuitive responses and impulses.

Highly sensitivity and Emotional Intensity

Creative individuals often possess a heightened sensitivity to emotions, both their own and those of others. The designer describes herself as highly sensitive, experiencing emotions intensely, which profoundly influences her work. She recounts moments of both beauty and melancholy, finding inspiration in both grand and simple instances. This emotional depth, while sometimes challenging, allows her to draw inspiration from a wide range of feelings and experiences, thereby enhancing her creative output. This is how emotional awareness shapes a designer’s work.

Creatives typically possess a keen eye for beauty in everyday occurrences, whether grand or simple, that may go unnoticed by others. This ability to appreciate and interpret beauty fuels their creativity and drives their artistic endeavors.

Creating a Supportive Environment

To navigate her intense emotions, the designer has intentionally crafted a living space that prioritizes comfort and encouragement. Each item in her home holds a memory or a positive association, whether it’s a souvenir from a cherished trip or an object linked to a significant personal moment. "These memories are enduring; even if an item triggers a negative memory, I might give it away, but often I hold onto them due to their profound significance."

The designer's experience aligns with research indicating that meaningful objects and memorabilia play a crucial role in evoking positive memories and emotions.

This emotional connection to objects not only reduces stress and promotes relaxation but also fosters a supportive environment that positively contributes to mental health and overall well-being. Studies underscore that personal possessions, such as memorabilia, contribute significantly to emotional well-being and identity. Individuals derive comfort and stability from these items, enhancing their psychological resilience and overall sense of well-being. Do you want to read more about this topic? 'The Comfort of Things' is a great and interesting book exploring the relationship between human beings and their material possessions.

Childhood Influences and Personal Space

Her sensitivity extends back to childhood, where the ambiance of a friend's home could influence her mood and willingness to have a playdate. This early awareness of environmental impact informs her current living and creative spaces, which balance between order and the chaos of creativity.

Crafting Objects that Reflect Inner Worlds

Psychologists argue that personalized living spaces filled with items that hold sentimental value can enhance mood and foster a sense of belonging and security. This environment can support emotional regulation and resilience in coping with daily challenges

The designer's philosophy is deeply intertwined with the emotional resonance of objects, highlighting a broader approach to crafting items that reflect inner worlds. She describes creating pieces like the shadow-play art print and the 'Tribe' wall hanging, which are not merely decorative but hold deeper meanings. These objects are intended to foster quality time and create lasting memories, reflecting the importance of shared experiences and storytelling. Through her work, she emphasizes how thoughtfully designed objects can connect with our emotions and encapsulate personal narratives, turning everyday items into vessels of meaning and memory.

If you struggle with sensitivity and neurodiversity, remember that these are not limitations but powerful aspects of your identity. By embracing and leveraging these traits, you can transform them into strengths that enrich your life and creative pursuits.

This can lead to extraordinary creativity and fulfillment, allowing you to make a unique and valuable contribution to the world.


wall hanging art print shadow play beaded earrings

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