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2024 Home Design Trends: Bold Colors, Clean Backgrounds, and Quirky Accents

Catch a glimpse into 2024, from furniture styles to paint choices and more. Farewell, square shapes—2024 marks the pinnacle of the resurgence of curvy furniture. Whether in sectional sofas, dining tables, or coffee tables, curved lines create a soft, tranquil ambiance for an inviting space. These curves lean towards biophilic and biomorphic designs, reflecting our growing desire for nature in our living spaces.

Expect bold colors, clean backgrounds, and unexpected accents like quirky cocktail tables and vibrant bright fixtures to dominate the trends in 2024.

Earth tones

Purple has been gradually gaining popularity, and it's poised to make a significant impact in the design world in 2024. Move beyond lilac and mauve and embrace deeper shades like plum, amethyst, and deep magenta.

Anticipate a stronger focus on new zero-impact furniture in the coming year!

The trend towards simplicity is evident as individuals, opt for locally sourced products, aligning with the growing consumer desire to reduce carbon footprints.

There's a heightened awareness of the value of existing structures and objects, with a recognition of the waste generated by discarding them. Earth tones, inspired by Mother Nature, will be the dominant color schemes in 2024.

Example of the Earth tones. Image credit: Barracuda and The Somerset House

Metal While some may view it as trendy, these elements are poised to enhance current designs.

In 2024, mixed metals will make a splash, particularly in bathrooms.

Designers envision the use of mixed metal fixtures, seamlessly blending brass with black, bronze, or nickel. Additionally, he predicts the mainstream adoption of powder-coated metals in any Pantone color.

Following a successful 2023, we'll keep seeing these metal, brass, bronze, and nickel elements and items.

Designers predict a growing emphasis on creating luxurious bathroom retreats in both new constructions and renovations. The trend for spa-like bathrooms is set to surge in 2024, with homeowners increasingly incorporating affordable steam showers, infrared saunas, and cold plunges. The desire for gentle spa-like lighting, such as backlit mirrors and integrated ceiling lighting, is also on the rise.

A timeless approach involves mirroring an exterior palette within interior spaces to achieve a seamless outdoor-to-indoor transition.

Take risk 2024 is expected to embrace bold and dramatic design choices, departing from the safety of neutrals and soft textures. Graphic stone and provocative artwork are becoming integral elements in upcoming projects, reflecting a shift towards unique, individualized homes that break away from the conventional.

Taking risks is seen as critical to achieving this distinctive and personalized aesthetic.

Image credit: Rachel Whiting and Capra design

Handmade Cylindrical cushions and bolsters are becoming functional focal points, exemplified by designs like Alfredo Lopez's La Pepino collection and the Soft Witness daybeds by Whitney Krieger. Folk art, traditional crafts, and handmade goods are rising, emphasizing cultural preservation. Nooks and crannies, canopy beds, and the ranch house aesthetic are gaining momentum, offering unique and private escapes.

Canopy beds are making a comeback, adding grandeur and intimacy to your home. Upholstered headboards are also gaining popularity, offering a luxurious and comfortable backrest for late-night reading or binge-watching. Read here how to make a unique headboard for your bed!

Left: Whitney Krieger. Right: Alfredo Lopez

More is more The chrome trend is making a comeback, with smooth surfaces and metallics dominating spaces, reflecting a departure from cluttercore.

Cluttercore is all about organized chaos, where you can see that people are really living.

A relief for the chaotic and collectors among us. Picture vibrant colors, walls adorned with vintage paintings, and a diverse array of home accessories like vases and cushions.

Blend patterns, colors, and materials in a Cluttercore design.

Not to be confused with Maximalism, which emphasizes opulence and trendy furniture.

Cluttercore isn't about following the latest trends; it's a collection of personal items accumulated over time. Crafting a cluttercore space is a gradual process, contrasting with the immediacy of maximalism, making it a more personal and meaningful expression of individuality.

According to our predictions based on our findings in magazines, stores, and our travels, we see these trends collectively representing a diverse and eclectic mix for 2024.

We consistently advocate for individuals to cultivate their unique styles. Therefore, consider these insights not as rigid rules for the new year but rather as a guiding framework to help you establish your own personalized and gratifying space.


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