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Cake World

Founder Laurine Brugman is passionate about creating and exploring.  This means that she frequently travels to inspiring locations to learn about new cultures, different trends, and ideas.

"Living abroad will make you grow as a person. This is because the perspectives and values you inherited from your home country are upgraded for a more holistic perspective that encompasses diverse viewpoints."

earring being woven by hand
a pair of handwoven beaded earring


Founder Laurine has roots in Ukraine, and therefore she has a natural interest in Slavic cultures. Traditional Ukrainian beadwork had her interest for a while before she created the Folk earring collection.  

"Since ancient times we have been decorating ourselves with various jewelry, and Ukraine has a rich culture of jewelry making. They are not just jewelry, but also have a deep symbolic meaning.

They were generally protective or informative, for example, they could indicate the wealth of the family, as six strands of coral beads could cost as much as a pair of oxen".


Jewelry that signifies symbolic and spiritual beliefs is still very much in vogue today.

Wearing jewelry has become an expression of a person's identity. You can use it as a reflection of your personality and creativity to show the world.

With Folk earrings, you combine distinctive taste with honoring Ukrainian craftsmanship at its best.


"I believe in quality, design, and craftsmanship.

One of the many reasons to spend time in Morocco is to learn about traditional freehand craft techniques".  


The idea of blending fashion items with home decor, integrating interior designs into fashion, and vice versa intrigued me. Together with skilled female artisans, we have developed our Venture shoulder bags made out of Oued Zem Berber kilim rugs.

The type of rug is called Oued Zem, after the Moroccan town Oued Zem, known for its handwoven rugs with unique design elements and vibrant colors.
The name of the bag is Venture, and embodies the daring spirit of trying something new and exceptional, exciting, and risky projects or activities. ​


Together with craftsman Muhammad, we made this brass wall hanging called Tribe. This brass Tribe symbolizes the maternal bond between you and the mother figure in your life. Hang it in your living room as a powerful reminder of those you support or gift it to show your love.

tote bag made of Moroccan kilim rug carpet design by Laurine Brugman for
cut out shapes of brass wall decoration named Tribe by
drawings of elderly people on the beach screen printed by hand by Laurine Brugman for
handmade linen cushion with line drawing of a couple on the beach

New York

Founder Laurine lived in Brooklyn for a while and often visited Brighton Beach to escape the hectic city life. Brighton Beach is an oceanside neighborhood in the borough of Brooklyn, New York. It is known for its high population of Russian-speaking immigrants and as a summer destination for New York City residents.


Brighton Beach was nicknamed "Little Odessa" by the local population because many of its residents were from Odessa, a city in Ukraine.

Inspired by this experience, Cake created this cushion collection called Boardwalk. The orange threads on the cushion symbolize the B train, a subway train that goes to Brighton Beach, shown in bright orange on the subway map.

hand printed tableware illustrations of New York City made by Laurine Brugman for
waverly diner New York City plate pancake half eaten

New York

"I love people-watching. I like to observe them, their body language, and what they wear and say. It is a way to feel connected to a larger group of people despite being by yourself. In New York, you can sit on the side of the road and people watch all day long."

Inspired by daily life in New York City, Laurine created tableware called ANYDAY. She screen-printed her hand-drawn illustrations onto white glazed china plates for appetizers and entrees.

Dishwasher safe, limited edition.


"When I first moved into my workplace in Denmark it was dark and I used my phone's flashlight to look for the light switch, I shined it on my hands and saw exciting shadows appearing on the wall. That is how I came up with the idea to make an art print with shadow animals (Skyggedyr in Danish).

I find the image of the Skyggedyr a beautiful counterpart to the abundance of digital entertainment available to children today. It stimulates the imagination when your hands create things and an exciting story is told. This stimulates the imagination again, and that is - I think - the most beautiful thing there is!"

sketchbook with 2 illustrations of hand shadow animals by Laurine Brugman for
postcard of hand shadow play animals made by Laurine Brugman for
detail bamboo wall decoration called Tribe
Plants and a bamboo wall decoration named Tribe


Soft shapes provide a form of safety and therefore it’s perfect to be reflected in our homes. The soft shapes in our Tribe wall hanging represent male, female, and child, and you can fully customize it to represent your Tribe.  Tribe is a fully customized, unique wall hanging, representing the people who mean the most to you.


The people who support you through everything, who bring sparkle into your life. Your Tribe. Tribe represents love and belonging.  

The Mosa bamboo that we use for Tribe grоwѕ naturally without the application of chemical fertilizers. This attests to its antifungal and antibacterial properties. It also means that we can cultivate Bamboo without harming the environment.

Who’s in Your Tribe?  

Every tribe is different - whether it’s your blood family or your soul family, let’s celebrate everything your Tribe does for you! 

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