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Sketch in sketchbook by Laurine Brugman
Sketches by Laurine Brugman hand drawings
Schaduwdieren hand shadow animals art print in frame made by Laurine Brugman for Cake

The average person spends 3 hours and 43 minutes on their mobile devices every day. That might not seem so bad, but it adds up to 50 whole days in a year!

And that doesn’t even include the time you spend staring at other screens like laptops, iPads and TVs.  


This fact made the founder of Cake think deeper about how modern habits affect our quality of life.

What’s the cost of all that time spent in front of a screen? And what could we really be doing with that time?  


Time is the most valuable thing we have, and we should think hard about how we spend it. It should be spent with our loved ones, preserving the gift of creativity and imagination - being present and enjoying right now.  

Making hand shadow animals is a great way to have some old-fashioned fun with family, friends and especially kids.

What could be more magical than a wolf suddenly appearing on the wall?

Or a rabbit bounding across the room?


Just place your hands in front of the light as shown on this poster and watch the magic come to life. No screens required!  


Size: 49 x 69 cm

Paper: 250 gram  


Available in Dutch and Danish 

Schaduwdieren hand shadow animals art print made by Laurine Brugman for Cake
Schaduwdieren hand shadow animals postcard made by Laurine Brugman for Cake
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