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Travel Tips: 4 Things to Pack That Will Make Your Hotel Room Feel Like Home

Whether you're a frequent flier or you vacation once a year, feeling comfortable in a hotel room is just as important as it is at home. Traveling is a thrill but it can be stressful and can make you feel displaced, especially when visiting somewhere culturally different from your own. Your hotel room is your base of operations on a trip, and it can make or break your experience!

Personal experience

During a recent journey involving stays at various hotels, I encountered an unexpected emotional downturn upon entering the final accommodation. The inexplicable melancholy lingered, casting a shadow over my entire stay. While I acknowledge my sensitivity might exceed that of others, the truth remains: our environment profoundly impacts our emotional state. When we find solace in our home or hotel room, navigating challenges becomes more manageable, and positive emotions flourish. Reflecting on this last experience, I've resolved to prioritize my personal 'interior travel kit' for future trips, ensuring a more uplifting and emotionally supportive environment wherever I go.

Woman relaxing slippers head with curls under sheets

Here are some key items you can pack to make your hotel room feel like home:

1. Your favorite loungewear

We’re talking sweatpants, cozy sweaters, fluffy slippers, and eye masks - bring it all! After a long day of traveling or exploring, you can put on your favorite sweats and feel completely at home. You can even pack a small blanket if you have room - this is guaranteed to make your hotel room feel like home!

2. Your own pillow

Let’s be honest, hotel beds never feel the same as your own! Sure, it would probably be impractical to bring your entire bed (if only!). But we’re big believers in bringing your own pillow! Not only will you sleep better in your hotel room, but you also have a place to rest your head on the journey. No space to bring your pillow? Just pack your pillowcase - it’s not quite the same comfort-wise but it’s clean and smells of home! This is a good tip for allergy sufferers too.

“I remember one hotel where my pillow smelled very strange.

Bringing your own pillowcase is not only for comfort but also for

a sense of familiarity and the smell of home!”

3. Meaningful photos

One of the hardest parts of traveling is missing your loved ones. So why not bring them with you - at least in spirit? Bring photos and masking tape so you can brighten your room with some of your favorite memories. Or you bring a foldable travel photo frame. This is especially great for a long stay - hotel rooms can feel ‘cold’ and generic. Photos will not only be a great reminder of your loved ones but also warm up your room.

Fairy lights; travel trinkets

4. Make your hotel room feel like home with lighting

Now, this might sound a bit mad. But we’re not necessarily talking about chandeliers here - if you’re staying in a hotel or Airbnb for a while, try bringing battery-powered fairy lights or a small battery-powered night light. The lighting in hotel rooms can be bright and unforgiving - a cozy low-light option can make your hotel room feel like home.

I recall one of the bedrooms in my beautiful Moroccan Riad, bathed in a cold, white glow reminiscent of a prison cell after dusk. Determined to transform the ambiance, I went to a hardware store, procuring a lightbulb that emitted a warmer hue. With this simple adjustment, the room was imbued with a cozy atmosphere, enhancing my comfort during evenings spent there. Read our article where we explore some tips for creating a cozy atmosphere in your home using alternative lighting options.

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