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The Gift of Choice: How a Holiday Gift Card Can Make an Impact

Gift cards have evolved into more than mere presents; they hold the potential to support local economies and spread kindness. Choosing gift cards from small businesses offers recipients the joy of choice and nurtures the growth of unique handmade interior design stores. By gifting these cards, you're not only expressing care but also empowering artisans. Each gift card opens up a path to get creative, support local businesses, and make a cool connection between gift givers, receivers, and the awesome realm of small enterprises.

Receiving a gift card offers the recipient the freedom to choose something they truly desire.

It acknowledges their personal preferences and needs, showing thoughtfulness without the risk of mismatched gifts. Additionally, it opens up opportunities for them to explore new products or experiences, creating a memorable and tailored experience.

wrapping gifts with wrapping paper and ribbons

Our Cake gift card is available here!

Give back by receiving a gift card

How a gift card can make an impact? Choosing a gift card from a small or local business is a meaningful way to contribute to the community, celebrate individuality, and create lasting memories through thoughtful gifts.

Use your gift card to purchase products that align with sustainable and ethical values.

This can help support businesses that prioritize environmentally friendly practices, fair labor, and responsible sourcing.

If you receive a gift card for a local business, share your experience on social media, leave positive reviews, and recommend the store to friends and family. Your support can help the business thrive and encourage others to patronize it.

Carbon Footprint

Some small businesses source products locally, reducing transportation emissions. Small businesses also prioritize sustainability and waste reduction, leading to fewer disposable products and more focus on reusable or recyclable materials. Besides that, they also use less energy and have smaller facilities, contributing to a smaller carbon footprint. Some small businesses, like Cake, focus on minimal and eco-friendly packaging, which leads to less waste compared to mass-produced items.

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Our Top 5 Gift Cards Are you seeking inspiration for where to purchase your gift card? Here are our top 5!

  1. Su-ah is a store that provides a platform for handmade creations where creative thinking and craftsmanship come together. Get your gift card here!

  2. Swahili Modern is a fair trade company working directly with artisans in Africa to bring you handcrafted baskets, decor, and gifts. Get your gift card here!

  3. A New Tribe offers globally gathered curation of hard-to-find beautiful objects for your home. Get your gift card here!

  4. Khayni Living is a store that believes in a sustainable approach to all that they do and ensures that all pieces are sustainably and ethically sourced. Get your gift card here!

  5. Ohayo imports Japanese antiques, ceramics, vintage textiles, and curiosities. Get your gift card here!

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Cake is a lifestyle brand offering unique homewares and accessories that celebrate culture and individuality. Founder Laurine Brugman designs products that withstand trends and fads - creating timeless pieces that you’ll treasure forever.

We’re passionate about preserving traditional crafts and passing on a little bit of love with our hand-made items. All of our items are produced in limited runs to eliminate waste and ensure quality.


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