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4 Tips For Good Energy In The Home

In an increasingly cramped world, a guide to opening up your living space - and your life- is well needed. By using the ancient principles of feng shui, you can implement these principles of harmony between people and their environments in your home.

What the Feng!?

风水 - Feng Shui is an old philosophy, more than 3000 years old, about how your living environment can influence your feelings and happiness.

Farmers in China used this practice to determine the most suitable place to plant their crops. Feng shui is basically just arranging objects and furniture so energy flows with you and positive *chi is generated.

* The concept of Chi, which means "air," is fundamental to Feng Shui. It’s the sense that a room feels right or not when you notice non-physical things like a feeling or energy.

"Recently I felt that my rectangular dining table blocked the "flow" in my living room, and I needed to understand where this intuitive feeling came from. I started to read about Feng Shui, and it truly helped the energy flow of the house!" - Laurine, Founder Cake

1. Energy flow?

We all have stuff in our homes. When this stuff takes over the space and loses focus, it becomes cluttered. Clutter is when things are tossed around in an uncontrolled fashion and against our will. Instead, spaces need to flow freely with our minds.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing and functional, living in a tidy and balanced home is beneficial for your mental health. In Feng Shui, interior design and exterior design elements flow with energy, so positive energy is drawn in and negative energy is dispersed.

A beautiful, balanced space almost always makes us feel better. If we feel good, we're already a step closer to happiness, health, and wealth. As you move through your home, remove anything that's blocking your path. Don't take up too much space with unnecessary items.

2. Furnish your home while maintaining good energy

Get your living space to breathe more life by creating a happy, healthy, and welcoming space. This can be done by arranging your favorite interior accessories and other home decors. But whether it's interior items, objects, or furniture, keep in mind the chi flow and circulation.

Below you find two examples of how you disrupt the flow and how to maintain it. You can read more great tips in the book Feng Shui Modern.

Bad arrangement floor planning

Floor planning Feng Shui

3. Understand the five elements

Using Feng Shui, you can harmonize the energy flow in your home. According to feng shui, there are five elements and in order to thrive in your life, you need to balance these five elements properly. You can make a room more comfortable by balancing the elements.

4. Light and air are key

In order to facilitate a positive energy flow and a good energy in the home, you should always have high-quality air and light in your home. For example, you should open your windows often, close the blinds during the day, and so on.

Plants will help purify the air and let as much natural light into your home as possible, switching to electric lights only when you have to. Lighting needs differ in rooms facing different directions.

A change in artificial lighting can change your perception of space. Supplementing any natural phenomenon, such as light, requires the utmost consideration in Feng Shui.


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