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label lunch bag sandwich design by Laurine Brugman for Cake

Cake founder Laurine has always been passionate about ensuring her products are environmentally conscious, and wants to contribute to a better world through her work.


Laurine found it interesting to learn that people in the south of Europe often have lunch in restaurants with colleagues.

By contrast, people in the north tend to bring their own lunch to work.


This can contribute to a lot of unnecessary single-use packaging.  

So much food packaging ends up in waterways that the United Nations have declared the plastic pollution of oceans a “planetary crisis”.  

But bringing your lunch to work doesn’t need to involve single-use food packaging!

This reusable cotton lunch bag has a waterproof interior so you can clean and reuse it over and over again.


The vintage string-tie fastening has allowed us to avoid using any harmful chemicals and we make sure to use recycled materials as much as possible - the buttons are even made from coconut!  

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